Laser Hair Removal

The Magic of Laser Hair Removal: A Comprehensive Guide

Laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular choice for individuals seeking a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. In this page, we’ll delve into the science behind laser hair removal, its effectiveness, candidacy, risks, session frequency, and essential pre and post-care tips.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal utilizes concentrated beams of light to target and destroy hair follicles. The laser emits a specific wavelength that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, effectively damaging the follicle and inhibiting future hair growth. This process is precise, making it a reliable method for reducing hair in specific areas.

Is it Permanent Removal?

While laser hair removal significantly reduces hair growth, it is more accurately described as hair reduction rather than permanent removal. Most individuals experience a substantial and long-lasting reduction in hair, but periodic maintenance sessions may be required to manage any regrowth.

How Many Sessions are Needed?

The number of sessions needed varies depending on factors such as hair color, skin type, and the targeted area. On average, individuals may require 6 to 8 sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve optimal results. However, noticeable improvements can often be seen even after the first session.

Who Are the Best Candidates?

Laser hair removal is most effective on individuals with light skin and dark hair, as the contrast enhances the laser’s targeting ability. However, advancements in technology have expanded the applicability to a broader range of skin and hair types. A consultation with a qualified practitioner can determine the most suitable candidacy for each individual.

Risks of Stimulating Hair Growth

In rare cases, laser hair removal may stimulate hair growth instead of inhibiting it. This paradoxical effect, known as paradoxical hypertrichosis, is more common in individuals with darker skin tones. It is essential to consult with a trained professional to minimize the risk of this occurrence.

Session Frequency:

Sessions are typically scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart to coincide with the hair growth cycle. This ensures that the laser targets hair during its active growth phase for optimal results.

Pre and Post-Care:


  • Avoiding sun exposure (2 weeks prior/after)
  • Discontinue hair removal methods that disturb the hair follicle,(waxing, tweezing, threading).
  • Shave at 24 hours before your appoinment.
  • Discontinue usage of any Active skincare product (Retinol, Acids etc)



  • Protect the treated area from the sun
  • Avoid hot baths or showers and saunas
  • Avoid applying any products to the treated area (lotions and makeup)
  • Avoid exercising or sweating
  • Avoid extremely hot water
  • No tanning or swimming

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