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Meet The Faces Behind Aesthetic Vibes MedSpa

Our main goal at Aesthetic Vibes is to empower you to embrace your natural beauty, to enhance your self-confidence and self-love. We focus on result driven treatments that will help you achieve your beauty goals.

Iasmine Monzon, Owner

Licensed Skin Specialist • Licensed Electrologist • Licensed Tattoo Artist

Iasmine a.k.a Minnie, the face behind Aesthetic Vibes. Her journey into the beauty industry started in 2010, when she became a licensed aesthetician. At that time, she worked full time as a Legal Secretary and focused on the beauty side of things only part time.

In 2019, she decided that it was time to focus and embraced her career in the beauty world. She went back to school to  become an Electrologist. In midst of 2020, she started her first beauty business “Minnie’s Beauty Boutique”, and has worked ever since in building and expanding her knowledge and her practice.

Welcome to Aesthetic Vibes!


Facial Specialist – 2010, Florida Career College

Electrologist – 2019, Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics

Fibroblast Certification – 2019, PostQuam USA

Advanced Shading/Ombre Brows Technique (Permanent Makeup Certification) – 2020, The Brow Effect/Browkingdom

Li-FT Removal Certification (Tattoo Removal) – 2020, Girlz Ink

Barbicide COVID-19 Certification – 2020, Barbicide

Henna Brow Tint Certification – 2020, The Brow Girl

Lash Artist Certification – 2020, Borboleta

Lash Lift and Tint Certification – Elleebana 2021

eTwo Sublative & Sublime System Certification – 2020, Candela

Microneedling Certification – 2020, Flamingo Beauty Academy

Dermaplane Certification – 2020, Flamingo Beauty Academy

Body Contour/Wrapping Licenses – 2020, Flamingo Beauty Academy

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